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Practice of Osteopathy on CD

Practice of Osteopathy
Its Practical Application to the Various Diseases of the Human Body
By Chas. H. Murray, A. B., B. D., D. O.

Practice of Osteopathy
Published 1909, 338 pages scanned on CD in PDF format.

The most important part of osteopathic procedure is the examination of the patient, the determination of the lesion, the discovery of what is wrong in the human building. In some cases nature has taken care of a former abnormality of structure, and then what was once abnormal has become normal. An attempt to make a forcible correction of the apparant abnormality would lead to trouble. In some cases most serious results would ensue.

In other cases, where the real lesion is not discovered, months of routine treatment would be worse than useless and might be a detriment rather than a help to the patient. So we say the first thing and the most important thing to do is to make a careful and painstaking examination of the patient.

If there are no marked osteopathic lesions, the disease in question having been brought on by overwork or abuse of function, as overeating or drinking, there are certain definite areas in which the Osteopath works, and by securing a better nerve and blood supply hastens the recovery of the patient. This is especially true in cases of sickness induced by the various specific microorganisms which are the exciting agents...

Practice of Osteopathy

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