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Chiropractic Principles and Technic on CD

For Use by Students and Practitioners
Book on CD-ROM in PDF format, originally published 1947. Contains 660 pages with 225 illustrations, 176 of them being illustrations of technics. Eight sections with 40 chapters:

  • Section One - Principles of Chiropractic
    1) The origin of chiropractic
    2) The theoretical basis of chiropractic
    3) The anatomical basis of chiropractic
    4) The physiological basis of chiropractic
    5) The physical basis of chiropractic
    6) The clinical basis of chiropractic
    7) The neurological basis of chiropractic
  • Section Two - Neurology
    1) The structure and function of the nervous system
    2) The spinal cord and spinal nerves
    3) The cranial nerves
    4) Anatomical considerations of the autonomic nervous system
    5) Physiological and clinical considerations of the autonomic nervous system
  • Section Three - Innervation
    1) Innervation of the structures of the cranium, face and neck
    2) Innervation of the organs of the thorax
    3) Innervation of the organs of the abdomen
    4) Innervation of the organs of the pelvis
  • Section Four - Body Mechanics
    1) The human body
    2) Posture and spinal curvatures
    3) The diaphragm
  • Section Five - Vertebral Subluxation
    1) The etiology of abnormal nerve function
    2) The nature of vertebral subluxation
    3) External causes of vertebral subluxations
    4) Internal causes of vertebral subluxations
    5) Local effects of vertebral subluxations
    6) The effect of vertebral subluxations on nerve function
  • Section Six - Spinal Analysis
    1) Segmentation and localization
    2) Spinal symptomatology
    3) The relation of spinal analysis to diagnosis
    4) Varoius forms of vertebral subluxations
    5) Determination of vertebral subluxations
  • Section Seven - Spinal Adjustment
    1) General considerations
    2) Adjustment of cervical vertebrae
    3) Adjustment of thoracic vertebrae
    4) Adjustment of lumbar vertebrae
    5) Adjustment of pelvis, innominate, sacrum and coccyx
    6) Reflex and pressure technics
    7) Spondylotherapy
  • Section Eight - Adjustment of Structures Other Than Spinal
    1) Adjustment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, clavicle, ribs, femur, knee and ankle
    2) Adjustment of the foot
    3) Adjustment of soft structures

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Chiropractic Principles and Technic on CD

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