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Osteopathic Strap Technic on CD

Osteopathic Strap Technic on CD

Osteopathic Strap Technic
Published in 1919 By Joseph Swart, D. O.

Osteopathic Strap Technic on CD in PDF format. 120 pages with illustrations.

Osteopathic strap technic, properly used, obtains desirable results in a manner agreeable to the patient and without exhausting the operator. The straps do part of the work and the patient does part of it, while the operator directs and assists the operation.
Every osteopath who is doing a successful business should conserve as much of his energy as possible. The early deaths and failing health among the overworked men and women of the osteopathic profession should be a warning to others.
A practice is bound to increase, in amount, from year to year, provided it is properly managed and the results obtained are satisfactory to the patients. Furthermore, the results will be satisfactory in nearly all chronic cases, if the lesions are corrected. Therefore, the success of an osteopath is dependent on his skill in technic. A proper diagnosis is fundamental; but, the technic is what cures the patient and the cure is what most concerns him.

With the aid of straps, many lesions can be easily corrected that are otherwise difficult or impossible to correct. Many patients have told of the unpleasant, painful and exhausting experiences endured while osteopaths were trying to correct innominate lesions. Such osteopathic work is detrimental to the patient, to the operatorís professional reputation and to the reputation of osteopathy. Such work is unnecessary and, accordingly, should be avoided. It is so easy, with a strap, to correct these lesions that there seems no good reason why any osteopath should not use one. Indeed, the only equipment necessary for correcting innominate lesions is one stout strap about eight feet long.

Every general osteopathic practitioner should endeavor to specialize in technic, because his success and the reputation of osteopathy depends upon it.
Strap technic is not expected to revolutionize osteopathic methods of treatment, neither is it a complete system of technic; yet, it is an aid of inestimable value to the osteopathic profession. It may be hoped, that any osteopath who uses strap technic will thereby become so much more efficient in his work that his patients will have a higher esteem for his work and for osteopathy.

Osteopathic Strap Technic on CD

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Osteopathic Strap Technic CD

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