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Autobiography of Andrew T. Still on CD

Autobiography of Andrew T. StillAutobiography of Andrew T. Still
With a History of the Discovery and Development of the Science of Osteopathy

403 scanned pages in PDF format on CD, Published 1908.
Preface to Second Edition
IN offering a revised, second edition of my autobiography, to Osteopaths and others interested, I would say that some things have been omitted which were practically of no importance to the general reader, their place being filled by that which will be found of interest.

In 1907 the publishing house that produced the first edition was so unfortunate as to suffer a loss by fire, in which the plates of the autobiography were burned.

In order to meet the constant requests for my autobiography, I concluded that it was best to revise the old edition, which had become exhausted. The new edition will be found an improvement on the old. During the years which have elapsed since the first edition was published, there has been an onward and upward movement in all of the departments of my school. I have succeeded in being able to introduce Osteopathy in such a manner, that the students can grasp and comprehend the Philosophy of this Science, and prove their ability to demonstrate that which they assert, namely; the true law of successfully combating disease as Thinkers and Engineers who are well qualified to conduct the human body from disease to health.

I want to thank Dr. E. B. Veazie and Prof. Bean for their untiring interest and work in assisting me to bring out this revised edition, for at my age and present state of health it would have been impossible for me to have accomplished it without their aid.

I purpose adding a chapter, short and comprehensive, covering the intervening time since 1897, and such data as seems to me will be of interest to the reader, giving somewhat of the history of the growth of Osteopathy and the School during the past ten years. In assisting me in this matter, and to whom I would extend thanks are Dr. Franklin Fiske, Dr. Julius Quintal, and to my sons and others I would give credit for their aid and encouragement.

I hope this new edition will give satisfaction to all readers as I expect this to be my last effort in writing an autobiography.

With no further remarks I will bid you adieu.
- A. T. STILL.
Kirksville, Mo., January 1st, 1908.

Autobiography of Andrew T. Still on CD

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Autobiography of Andrew T. Still on CD

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