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Studies in the Osteopathic Sciences: 4 Volumes
By Louisa Burns

Volume 1 - Basic Principles. 287 pages publised 1907
Volume 2 - The Nerve Centers. 360 pages publised 1911
Volume 3 - The Physiology of Consciousness. 350 pages published 1911
Volume 4 - Cells of the Blood. 438 pages published 1931
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The appearance of the series may be modified by the publication of books dealing with the same subjects by other authors. For this reason, it is considered unwise to offer an exact list of the volumes in order. They will, however, consider the etiology, nature, prevention and diagnosis of diseased conditions, and the best canner of dealing with sick people from several standpoints.
It is intended that laboratory methods of investigating these subjects shall be magnified. The time is past for endeavoring to settle matters of fact by an appeal to argument, even though the argument be logically based upon premises from the best of authorities. Original work will hold first place in these books. It is not intended that the researches of others shall be disregarded. The only point is that it is actual observations which are to be considered, and not arguments based merely upon other people’s opinions.
It is evident that such a work as this must require much time. Therefore suc&eding volumes are not to be expected at short intervals.

This book is written for the use of students of osteopathy, either before or after their graduation. It is hoped that the rather broad discussion of the biological principles upon which the methods of osteopathic therapeutics are based will be found somewhat suggestive and convincing. The experiments demonstrating the osteopathic centers are described rather fully, in the hope that they may be repeated or continued by others.
The collateral readings at the foot of the chapters will be found instructive. It is expected that students who take up this book have already a fair knowledge of biology, anatomy and physiology, both comparative and human. The collateral readings will include, however, references to those text books of physiology which contain especially valuable discussions of points referred to in the different chapters. For those who wish to study the. collateral subjects more thoroughly, the bibliography will be found helpful, though it is by no means exhaustive.
The glossary has been generously planned. The needs of those students of osteopathy whose diplomas are beginning to turn yellow were especially considered in the preparation of this feature.

Studies in the Osteopathic Sciences: 4 Volumes on CD

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Studies in the Osteopathic Sciences: 4 Volumes on CD

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