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All Osteopathic & Chiropractic Books on CD Just $6.95 each.

Osteopathic books on CD in PDF format. Topics cover osteopathy treatments for disease to oseopathic techniques and chiropractic techniques of spinal adjustment.

Osteopathic and chiropractic booksOsteopathic and chiropractic practice and technique books on CD.

Titles include: Principles of Osteopathy By G. D. Hulett, B. S., D. O.
Studies in the Osteopathic Sciences: 4 Volumes By Louisa Burns
Osteopathic Mechanics By Edythe F. Ashmore, D.O.
A Manual of Osteopathy By Dr. Eduard W. Goetz
The Practice of Somapathy By Chas. H. Murray, A. B., D. O.
Practice of Osteopathy By Chas. H. Murray, A. B., B. D., D. O.
Applied Anatomy of the Spine By H.V. Halladay, D.O.
Osteopathy The Science of Healing by Adjustment By Percy H. Woodall, M.D., D.O.
Chiropractic Principles and Technique, For Use by Students and Practitioners
Spears Painless System of Chiropractic and Other Developments By Dr. Leo L. Spears
Technic and Practice of Chiropractic By Joy M Loban D.C.
Chiropractic Technic Illustrated By Michael Grecco DC
Lateral Curvature of The Spine and Round Shoulders By Robert W. Lovett, M.D.
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Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques
Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques is the only comprehensive full-color atlas of osteopathic manipulative techniques currently available. Richly illustrated with over 1,300 full-color photographs professionally shot for this atlas.

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Spinal Degeneration Poster 18" X 24"
Shows the 4 phases of spinal degeneration of the cervical spine. Includes a lebeled normal xray of the cervical spine. Available in Spanish (Espanol) Here

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COMLEX Review: Clinical Anatomy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Clinical Anatomy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine offers an overview of anatomy and osteopathic manipulative medicine for the COMLEX. Ideal for exam and course review, this new book targets the essential information that osteopathic medical students need.

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Subluxations & Spinal Nerves Poster 18" X 24"
Spinal Nerves and Subluxations with vintage images used to create the chart show the 12 cranial nerves of the base of the brain. .
The spinal nerves from the anterior of the spine. Posterior and lateral views of the skull and cervical spine. Available in Spanish (Espanol) Here

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Manipulation of the Spine, Thorax and Pelvis
This highly illustrated, step-by-step guide gives detailed instructions for dozens of different manipulation techniques, covering all levels of the spine, thorax, and pelvis

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Osteopathic Quote Poster 18" X 24"
Be sure the foundation is level and all will be well. Andrew Taylor Still, DO

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Osteopathic Medicine Recall
Using the Recall Series question-and-answer format that has proven highly successful for medical students, this pocket-sized book provides a quick, concise review of the fundamentals of osteopathic medicine.

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Anatomy of the Spine Poster 18" X 24"
Spine anatomy poster shows 3 views of the spine, cervical, thoracic and luimbar vertebrae with cross-section of vertebral unit.
Available in Spanish (Espanol) Here.

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Osteopathy: Models for Diagnosis, Treatment and Practice
This book is a textbook of basic osteopathic concepts, working from first principles underpinned by anatomy and physiology. This text will synthesize and integrate osteopathic models in an easy-to-understand way, a subject often daunting to students and confusing to graduates.

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Color Sclerotome/Visceral Pain Referral
Poster 18" X 24"
Contains sclerotome pain referral from C1 to S3. Sclerotogenous pain is reported by patients as deep, ill defined, dull aching, and diffuse. Sclerotogenous pain does not follow dermatomes but does follow a sclerotome pain pattern. The tissues that are included in sclerotogenous pain include: Ligaments, Tendons, Discs, Periosteum and Apophyseal Joints.

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